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As a small business owner who is still taking his initial baby steps in the corporate sector, it can be very difficult for him to equally distribute his attention in ten different areas.  Managing employees salaries, paying bills, and many more financial activities all of these things consume a lot of time and attention which become quite hassling for the business owner to keep up with while running the business and managing other disciplines too.

If you want to get rid of all the worries, be stress-free, and focus only on the growth of your business then you require outsourced bookkeeping services.


Bookkeeping is a crucial and critical factor for the growth and success of any business. It can be a tedious task that can frustrate you and make you feel tiresome by all means. Knowing that you have someone cleaning all the mess and managing it effectively gives you relief. You feel secure that you have a backup whom you can call at any time, convey your concern, and ask for their services for handling all the business financial issues. After that, you can easily shift your attention towards sales and marketing and can work on customer retention for increasing your income and profit.
We’ll let you know about some major benefits of bookkeeping services and how you’ll be able to plan better for your business growth.


The biggest benefit of bookkeeping is that it saves you a whole lot of money. You will only pay for the services acquired from the outsourced bookkeeper. The money spent on the payroll of the new employee along with other benefits, insurance, and training cost will be much higher.


It is quite evident that reconciliation of payments and other financial records is a very time-consuming job. The major benefit of having a virtual bookkeeper is that you can buy back that time. Online portals and software like Quickbooks make this process easy and paperless. The virtual bookkeeper will save you from all the heaps and piles of paperwork that are impossible to manage and organize.


Going for virtual bookkeeping services gives you an advantage that a certified team of professionals is working for you. These experts are trained to handle all kinds of challenges so you can expect them to provide maximum efficiency from the start without taking any time for settling in.
Turtlerock Bookkeeping is here to handle your day-to-day bookkeeping needs. We will clean up all your old bookkeeping record and you will be organized, prepared, and ready to roll for the tax season.


Here is a quick glance at all the things we can help you with!


Quickbooks Online Support

We can get your subscription at discounted prices and train you on the program.


Financial Reporting

We can handle all of your basic bookkeeping needs and issue tailored monthly financials to you! We can even invoice your clients and pay your bills!


Strategy Sessions

We are happy to do monthly strategy sessions to help you work through issues and new ideas to plan the future of your business and to discuss the financials in detail.


Payroll And Sales Tax Filing

Let us help keep you in compliance with the various federal and state agencies. We timely file your payroll and sales tax reports every month and quarter.


Income Tax Help

Our team offers stellar tax planning meetings and tax preparation for your business and personal tax returns.


Legal Needs

You can book a consult with our legal team to see if your business is fully compliant. We can help you setup your LLC, incorporate your business or register you for any tax ID number you need.


It’s easy! Just follow these 3 steps!


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This basic bookkeeping package includes monthly tracking of your income and expense transactions for all business checking, savings and credit card accounts.
We will review and reconcile your books and issue pristine financial reports every month delivered via email.
Bonus ~ Back work for any previous month is offered at a discount for new clients!!!
***QBO subscription is required but we can walk you through that later


Next Step

After you enroll in the basic bookkeeping package.
Don’t worry…we fully expect to do all the heavy lifting but there are some things we need from you to get started.


Kick Back And Relax

With our team at your fingertips, you no longer need to stress or worry about your businesses financial health.
ENJOY running your business and lean on us when you need it!

Small Business Bookkeeping

  • For businesses with up to $25,000 in monthly  revenue or expenses(whichever is greater).
  • Keep your business organized
  • Stay ahead of your tax liability
  • Enjoy your business and have less stress

Medium Business Bookkeeping

  • For businesses with $25,001 – $150,000 in monthly revenue or expenses(whichever is greater).
  • Take organization to the next level
  • Find creative tax strategies
  • Implement the Profit First Method

Large Business Bookkeeping

  • For businesses with $150,001 or more in monthly revenue or expenses(whichever is greater).
  • Outsource your AR and AP
  • Book weekly strategy sessions
  • Work hand-in-hand with our tax specialists


What’s included in the Basic Bookkeeping package?

Every month we will categorize all business related income and expense transactions and issue you a monthly financial statement consisting of a Balance Sheet and a Profit and Loss. These reports will help you understand your business past to make decisions on your business future. They are required in order to do any tax planning or to fund your business with mid-year loans. Unlimited email and text support is also included.

What’s not included in the Basic Bookkeeping package?

Anything above and beyond basic tracking of income and expense items for the month is not included in the monthly price above. However, additional services are available as an add-on to your basic bookkeeping package. These add-on’s include: accrual basis accounting, detailed financials showing class tracking or job profitability, invoicing, bill payment, payroll, sales tax filing, tax planning and preparation and legal help. Monthly strategy sessions are also available for additional fees.

How do I request additional services?

Once you have selected to enroll in the Basic Bookkeeping package, you will have an opportunity to review additional services in more detail and select those that suit your business best.

Is Quickbooks Online required to sign up for the Basic Bookkeeping package?

Yes. Our team must use Quickbooks Online in order to handle the bookkeeping at the price list above. Versions – Essentials, Plus, or Advanced are all acceptable. Simple Start or Quickbooks Self Employed are not. If you have a current subscription, you are ahead of the game. No need to get another subscription. If you do not currently have a subscription, the on-boarding videos will walk you through how to get that setup. We are able to offer 50% off to our new clients for 12 months. This is the best discount you can get with Quickbooks Online. We highly recommend signing up for Essentials or Plus to start.

What happens after I sign up for the Basic Bookkeeping package?

Once you enroll, you will be taken to a few subsequent screens that will allow you to add additional services if necessary. Then you will be given access to the membership portal so you can watch a short series of on-boarding videos. Simply follow the directions in the videos and we will get to work ASAP. The final step in the on-boarding video series is to book a call with the CEO of our company for an introductory phone call. We love the opportunity to chat with our new clients so we can serve you well!

What information do I need to share?

Ideally, our bookkeeping team will need access to your business bank and credit card accounts in order to efficiently complete your monthly financials. Many banks allow for accountant (read-only) access to bank accounts. This access helps us to keep our fees affordable and our efficiency high.

If I have a question, how long does it take to get an email response?

We pride ourselves in being very responsive to our clients important inquiries. We strive to respond within 24 hours AT MOST (except over weekends and holidays). If we are very busy, we will respond to let you know we’ve received your email and will address it shortly.

What hours do the bookkeepers and other team members work?

Due to the flexible nature of bookkeeping work, many team members work various hours of the day and night. However, we use standard M-F 8-5 work hours to address emails and phone calls.

What qualifications does your team have?

Many of our team members are CPAs, legal professionals and Certified Pro-Advisors. You can rest assured that you are working with the highest quality professionals. We all also belong to a large network of financial professionals so if there is a question we have not seen before, we have a lot of resources in our back pocket to find an answer for you fast.

Do you require a contract?

Nope! No contract is required. However, there are no partial month refunds.

Is an engagement letter required?

Yes, an engagement letter is required. You can click that you accept the terms of service and that will act as our engagement letter. It will be available for download from the membership site.